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Yosemite Wallpapers

While I’m not a massive techie, with the new OS X Yosemite themed wallpapers  are in my opinion quite breathtaking. As we all look at a screen for a fair bit of time and change is as good as a rest look good as a different wallpaper for mac or even a PC from the same one we’ve all had for years!

Have a look here for these stunning wallpapers care of OSX Daily.

“Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?”

Robin Williams

Air Tycoon 3

If you want a business sim/complete time wasteroccupier on either the iPhone or iPad (my preference) then look no further…

Essentially, you manage an airline within different scenarios and starting dates. It’s not only a case of keeping ahead of the competition but also ensuring your fleet is safe, maintained and most importantly attractive and comfortable for those fare paying customers.

You can even go for an all cargo airline if easier but the only caveat I would give is that the longer and bigger the airline you build the longer each turn takes. It’s especially frustrating when you forget to acquire the slots you need during previous turn for the new aircraft arrivals!


Created by Tradegame Lab and available on the App Store here

Engine Noise?

There are times that you forget how useful something is until you find it in the drawer need to use it again and my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 headphones are one of these gems.

I’m not going to explain the science behind the technology, but by flicking a switch most if not all of the engine and pissed up stag and hen do cabin noise was eliminated while listening to my travel tunes playlist.

In fact they’re that good, not only does Stacey have her own pair of these ones but Scarlett also decided to borrow mine for a majority of the flight…

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Abraham Lincoln

Rip a DVD

With the growth of tablets etc, it’s always handy to be able to carry those films, TV series or anything else that resides on a DVD and has been legally purchased on the tablet especially when there are kids about. Prepare for the Disney onslaught (I can picture frozen just by the audio)!

Handbrake and the libdvdcss file are all that you need, apart from the actual DVD of course…

Head to Handbrake’s homepage and download the program. Install it to your computer as directed.

By default, Handbrake can rip unprotected DVDs, but most DVDs you buy from the store have copy protection. To get around this, you’ll need to install libdvdcss. On Windows, you can download this file separately (here for 32-bit systems and here for 64-bit systems), rename it to libdvdcss.dll, and put it in your Handbrake program folder (C:\Program Files\Handbrake). If you’re on a Mac, download this file and double-click to install it.

Insert the DVD you want to rip, and open Handbrake.

Click the Source button in the upper left-hand corner and choose your DVD drive from the list. It will start scanning your DVD, which could take a few minutes.

When it’s done, head to the “Title” drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner of the window. This is where you’ll select which part of the DVD you want to rip. In the case of movies, it’s usually the longest title, so just pick that one. If you’re ripping episodes of a TV show, it’s usually the 22 or 44 minute ones, and you’ll have to rip them each separately.

Click the Browse button on the right side of the window. Navigate to where you want to save your movie file, and type in a file name in the box. Click OK.
Next, head to the bar on the right labeled “Presets”. This is where you’ll choose what format the resulting file will be in. If you just want to watch it on your computer, the “Normal” or “High Profile” preset is fine. If you want to watch it on something like your iPod or iPhone, though, pick the correct preset from the list.

Hit the Start button at the top of the window. This will take awhile, so you’ll probably want to grab a cup of tea.

When it’s done, you’ll get a popup notification. From there, you can double-click on your movie file to watch it, or sync it to your device of choice. Enjoy!

Extract from lifehacker

The next challenge is to add to iTunes, this is straightforward as you add to library and then edit info on the DVD (if you’re anal particular like me) and you’re done.

Quick tip, use either imdb or amazon for your disc images.

Cricket on holiday

What can you do when you want to watch how England are getting on against India via the sky go app but you’re out of the country so can’t watch “normally” due to copy protection?

Simple, fire up a personal VPN (that uses your home connection avoiding the costs of a third party, after all you’re already paying for the electricity) and normal service is restored! On a side note, this has the potential to be a very long, attritional but close series; England for me but the Indian top order are a delight to watch as they’re all stroke players.

Oh and sign me up for the James Anderson batting master class!


“Who the hell wants fourteen pairs of shoes when they go on holiday? I haven’t had fourteen pairs in my life.”

Brian Clough

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
George S. Patton

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill

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