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Hat Shopping

They certainly do suit her, just like Mum…



After long deliberations between either an underwater case for the G12 or a new camera for some underwater pictures, the GoPro was the preferred choice.

As with anything new there is always some occasional scepticism, but once out of the box (and its tiny!), the GoPro is amazing as can be seen from some of the shots below in the pool. There is a little bit of post processing in Lightroom to get the colours as you’d like but the results speak for themselves.

Most importantly too, Scarlett is now able to swim unaided from one side of the pool to the other! There’s no stopping her now or the GoPro either

Anyone for tennis?

Wimbledon fever finally caught up with Scarlett, albeit on men’s finals day! So while Stacey watched the final (thought Federer would have done it this year) we played “occasionally” hit the ball…


Out takes

The fun of messing around with a camera (either behind, or in front of the lens)

365 / 40

40 / 365 (shredding)

Its amazing how in the electronic age, we’re still bombarded with paperwork… Most of which admittedly has some useful bits of information if not disposed of properly. My favourite hobby – shredding!


just chiiling

A few from a chilled out Saturday afternoon…

365 / 39

39 / 365 (sweeties…)

There would have been more, but Scarlett took a liking to the M&M’s!


365 / 38

38 / 365 (boy scouts best friend)

Everyone should have one – albeit that mines smaller


365 / 37

37 / 365 (rusted)

It might still work?


365 / 36

36 / 365 (drip, drip…)

If you wait, you’ll get what you were looking for


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