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One of the better drinking songs: The Dogs Party

The dogs they had a party
They came from near and far
And some dogs came by aeroplane
And some by motor car
They went into the lobby
And signed the visitors´ book
And each one hung his arsehole
Upon a separate hook
One dog was not invited
And this aroused his ire
He rushed into the meeting place
And loudly shouted, ´Fire!´
Now the dogs were so excited
They had no time to look
And each one took an arsehole
From off the nearest hook
It is a sad sad story
For it is very sore
To wear another´s arsehole
You´ve never worn before
And that is why when dogs meet
By land or sea or foam
Each sniffs the other´s arsehole
In hope it is its own


Not my image, but saw this on Tumblr and it made me smile