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Hat Shopping

They certainly do suit her, just like Mum…


Anyone for tennis?

Wimbledon fever finally caught up with Scarlett, albeit on men’s finals day! So while Stacey watched the final (thought Federer would have done it this year) we played “occasionally” hit the ball…


just chiiling

A few from a chilled out Saturday afternoon…

Nando’s in pictures

A little something for lunch


“Put the camera away Daddy!”

This one sums us up as a family perfectly – the joker and the observer


heritage wood

A little behind this, after losing my mum her colleagues decided to name a tree in her honour and as such family will often spend some time at Heritage Wood. Its a difficult time for Dad and although his life has moved on significantly and positively since – this picture for me captures his (as well as my own) emotion perfectly during every visit

Looking forward

Looking forward

Additional images below

Off to the cinema

A day of firsts, Scarlett waiting to see Frozen – her first trip to the cinema…



future driver?

You forget the effect that trucks have on kids – plus it brings home what I do for a living for Scarlett (and its not the face painting!)


iPad generation

I’m not sure how, but Scarlett is phenomenal when it comes to adopting new technology, she’s up and running on the old iPad that we had destined for dustbin of technology. There’s no stopping peppa pig and ben and holly now (amongst a significant number of Disney films)!

Gold parenting awards to the both of us :)


Christmas 2013

A few pictures from Christmas day 2013 – no presents were hurt at any time during the unwrapping process…

If only we’d known that all Scarlett wanted for Christmas was Goofy and Pluto!


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